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Not for profit educational resource on indoor environmental quality.
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educational programs on indoor environmental quality

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2012 Professional Development - Spring Continuing Education Programs
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Healthy Heating, Courses for Building Professionals

Healthy Heating Integrated Design Course: How to establish low energy allowances for delivering thermal comfort and indoor air quality in modern buildings - Program Details.

Hosted by Uponor A registered provider through the AIA Continuing Education System and one of our leading education partners whose mission is, "Partnering with professionals to create better human environments".

This three day program covers the relationships between the building and health sciences with a focus on thermal comfort and indoor air quality; and energy and exergy efficiency in building and HVAC systems. Course has a heavy emphasis on radiant based HVAC systems including heat transfer principles between occupants and building enclosures; fluid flow and fluid hydraulics in low temperature radiant heating systems and high temperature radiant cooling systems; control valve, balancing and circulator theory for hybrid systems; expansion tank sizing and air separation theory; plus a look at the use of the psychrometric chart for moisture analysis and ASHRAE’s design nomograph for designing radiant cooling and heating and snow melt systems for medium to large buildings.

This is course is specifically for recent graduates of university or institute of technology programs in mechanical/HVAC engineering, architectural and interior design; design/build contractors, those in distribution and inspection who already have design certifications from TECA, HRAI or NAIT/CHC etc. It is also for educators and practicing professional engineers/technologists who want to increase their knowledge base in specialized but integrated topics related to the fields of conditioning people and buildings with hybrid mechanical systems.

Included with the fee is three days of instruction, a 500 plus page 11 x 17 color formatted course document with over 1900 slides plus industry software and other design documents and tools. All students will have access to the electronic version library for future updates and additional content.

Fee's generated from this course go towards supporting

Sept. 17-19 Edmonton, AB
 Oct. 29-31 Halifax, NS
 Nov. 19-21 Vancouver, BC
 Nov. 26-28 Toronto, ON
 Dec. 3-5 Montreal, QC



ASHRAE Annual Conference: 
Seminars sponsored by ASHRAE T.C. 6.5 and T.C. 6.1

  1. Net Zero Energy with Large Radiant Surface Heat Exchangers: Simplified Control and Piping Options for Low Temperature Heating with High Temperature Cooling

  2. Radiant Cooling in High Humidity Environments: Designing the Indoor Environment for Health and Comfort Energy Efficient

  3. Snow Melt System Design: Thermal to Hydraulic Calculation Procedure for Snow Melting Systems

June 25th- San Antonio

Come back again for fall/winter programs


Industry Association and Educational Institutes

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