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"Despite the strong correlation between buildings, environment, and human health, the indoor air quality (IAQ) markets continue to focus on individual segments rather than providing integrated solutions. Along with this, the fragmentation of the industry at both provincial and federal levels poses further hurdles. As a viable solution, researchers, designers, builders, and manufacturers can collaborate to develop and market integrated products, systems, and programs. This unification includes involving the various concerned parties - architects, health professionals, and engineers - in the designing and construction of buildings."
Excerpt from Frost & Sullivan Report


RB's Industry Observations:

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Industry Observations, Part IV
Tower of Babble, Human Factor Design
How Much Does it Cost?
Making Radiant Systems Simple and Affordable
Skill Sets Required for Navigating the Future of Hydronics
Business Planning Process Guide

In 1990, having already spent more than a decade in the trades and design world,  Robert Bean started to study the evolution of North America and the relationships between industrial design, product ergonomics, demographics, housing needs, and human physiology and psychology.  This led him to the University of Calgary and the Business Owner Transition Program where he studied change and leadership under Dr. Jim Graham and Dr. Joe Lischeron, Professor Emeritus at the Haskayne School of Business.






Addressing the U.S. Army Corp in Dallas, Texas is about environmental ergonomics but its also about the importance of recognizing the needs and wants of an aging population base - consumers are finally in control - if you let them they will lead the way in HVAC.

We have included these older business presentations for your studies...we like to think of demographics and environmental ergonomics as the yin of the yang (nuts and bolts) of health, wellness and comfort.

AGM Kelowna, Technology (.pdf slide show)
AGM Calgary, Evaluating Your Team (.pdf slide show)
AGM Edmonton, Communicating
(.pdf slide show)
AGM Boston, Consumers in Control
(.pdf slide show)
Demographics and Housing Needs (.pdf slide show)

"By connecting manufacturers to healthcare organizations that are building new facilities or remodeling existing ones, they will be able to test product performance and outcomes..."
Excerpt from Interior & Sources Health Designs, Debra J. Levin


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