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Featured Project

This home represents all that is good based on indoor environmental quality.

The home is built to above minimum standards with ICF construction, high quality windows and insulated slabs with heating loads well below 15 Btuh/sf in a cold climate.

Because of the construction methods and materials the home is incredibly quiet and thermally consistent due to the building efficiency and radiant heating placed into a poured mass floor.  There is virtually no temperature difference between the basement and top floor.

The home is constantly ventilated year round with three air to air heat recovery ventilators. One unit serves each floor for excellent zone control.

All ducts were sealed and water lines insulated to prevent parasitic heat losses and gains.

The heating plant is a high efficiency condensing boiler which is connected to prefabricated zone control panels.

All heating devices are served by the boiler including domestic water, space heating and make up air temperature regulation for extreme weather conditions.

This system can be applied to any project of any size.

It is the benchmark.

How does your home measure up?

Discuss this project online.

Useful Report: Energy Use of Single Family Houses With Various Exterior Walls.

See: UK Architect Chris Morgan's article called Healthy Heating.


Survival of the Fittest requires above minimum standard architectural and mechanical systems, award winning LEED engineer, Geoff McDonell, P.Eng., calls it:

The Total Comfort System - The "Un-minimum" System
Designed and assembled with great professionalism. This is the way all radiant based HVAC systems should be done. Click on the photo's for a larger view.

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We're always looking for benchmark setting projects.  Let us know if you think you have the next notch up the ladder.

Heating & Ventilation

HRV Exchanger Core

Prefabricated Controls
Radiant Lower & Main

Insulated Distribution Lines

Prefabricated Controls
Boiler, Panels, DHW

Exterior View

Second Floor Mechanical
Radiant & HRV


Main and Lower Duct Work
Ventilation & Filtration

ICF Construction


Poured Thermal Floors

Project Information:

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Total Floor Area: 7800 s.f.
Heating Bills: $250/mth includes services charges and fuel for cooking
Wall Construction: ICF w/ Stone Exterior
Slab construction: Concrete over high density rigid insulation
Space Heating: Radiant Floors
Domestic Water: Weil McLain, 60 Indirect Fired
Ventilation: HRV's with Reheat Coils
Boiler: Weil McLain, Ultra Series, Nat Gas, Condensing
Zones: 14 individually controlled radiant zones, 3 zones for the reheat coils, 1 zone for domestic hot water, 1 zone for the detached shop and loft.

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For additional support on this topic visit our visitor services page.


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