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Integrated Design Course: The Interaction and Connection between Buildings, HVAC System, and Indoor Environmental Quality

The reason for this course (course modules):

"Despite the strong correlation between buildings, environment, and human health, (the) markets continue to focus on individual segments rather than providing integrated solutions. Along with this, the fragmentation of the industry at both provincial and federal levels poses further hurdles. As a viable solution, researchers, designers, builders, and manufacturers can collaborate to develop and market integrated products, systems, and programs. This unification includes involving the various concerned parties - architects, health professionals, and engineers - in the designing and construction of buildings." Excerpt adapted from Frost & Sullivan Report on Industry

Learn more and ask us how you can make it happen (course modules):

Description (course modules):
This three day hybrid course explores the design principles in energy and exergy efficient indoor environmental quality focusing on integrating architectural and radiant based HVAC system solutions.

The core content based on theory and practical applications will revolve around the health, building and HVAC sciences including a study in thermal comfort and indoor air quality, cold climate enclosures, heat transfer, hydronic cooling and heating systems including a detailed study in fluid fundamentals and the hydraulics of hydronics, control valves and balancing, heat terminal units including fan coils, radiant cooling and heating and dedicated outdoor air systems. Instructor: Robert Bean, R.E.T., P.L. (Eng.)

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