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Consumer Survey

Your hard-hitting comments are making a difference - congratulations for telling it like it is!  The American Home Comfort Survey™ by Decision Analyst has influenced how industry delivers personal health, wellness, and comfort; so much so that in 2004, colleagues and associates of created a new category of contractors called Thermal Environmental Control Technicians (TECT)©2004  which we suggest falls under the category of Environmental Ergonomists to differentiate the individual who has studied the influence of home environments on ones physiology and psychology.

Industry News: Addition Through Subtraction

We want to congratulate the thermal environmental comfort association for taking a leadership role in bringing together the air and water based industries in British Columbia, Canada, under a single banner. Unlike the balance of North America where the hydronics industry and air industries are represented by multiple association, often supported by a common membership base, teca has a mandate to offer the residential heating, cooling and ventilation industry up-to-date training courses and a collective voice in local and provincial issues. Their first year anniversary is coming up and they have already made sweeping changes by standing together as one.

Excerpt, "In early December 2006, TECA and its co-applicant GeoExchange BC received word the provincial Industry Training Authority had approved the Certified Heating Technician (CHT) training program and certification. “This new program and provincially recognized designation for our industry will not only improve the quality, safety and design of residential heating and cooling systems, but it will also give much needed credibility to our industry and its hard-working professionals. Moreover, it will address the critical skills shortage and skill gap our trade is facing,” comments Patrick Maguire, President, TECA. Maguire went on to say that “This approval represents years of hard work, thousands of volunteer hours and a new direction and focus for our trade. We are the first in Canada to see this type of program and we are thrilled that we’ve been successful.”

We see this partnership as having a long term benefit to consumers and industry participants in the province.

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