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Its about feelings!
Its not about the equipment - its about how the equipment makes us feel which means we need to understand human physiology first and foremost.


From the 2004/05 archives

Robert's Rants

“According to reader survey reports from HPAC Magazine, 94% of readers find Mr. Bean’s stuff useful or very useful….the other 6% were his kids who have been listening to the rants for too long and find his stuff less than useful.”

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"Upgraded roof materials, door knobs, home theatre systems etc...might do it for a 20 - 40 something but a 40 - 50 - 60 plus body needs and wants direct control over humidity, temperature, drafts and noise. So for the contractors in the room my message is this...forget about taking the next course on furnaces, boilers, pumps and controls but invest in a course on human physiology and psychology - especially one which covers an aging population. Once you’ve got a basic understanding of how the mind & body of an older adult works then marry it to your mechanical skills and knowledge and reinvent what it is that you are selling and to whom it will benefit." 
Robert Bean, AGM, Halifax

Words of Caution!
if you ever hear from a designer that they need to size a HVAC system for the house...you immediately know your physiology is not being considered. WHY?... because we don't condition buildings - we condition people, which means even before a system is sized - you must have a heart to heart about your personal needs and wants for indoor environmental quality -
regardless of what the building needs.


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