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Psychrometrics - Made Easy!

(Note: If you don't see the tool below you will need to download the free macromedia player from Adobe.)
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The credit for the work and funding for this latest gift, comes from Dr. Dwayne Suter, (Ret.) Professor Emeritus Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department in conjunction with Texas A&M University, College Station. I had the most wonderful discussion with Dr. Suter who sounds as busy and passionate in his retirement  as he was in his working career. A fascinating man.

We think the tool he developed is one of the easiest to understand training programs on psychrometrics - I know you will agree.  This will serve you well in your quest for knowledge on controlling humidity for radiant cooling applications. Enjoy.

For further studies in psychrometrics, I would suggest you order "FOOD & PROCESS ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY" published under a Copyright in 2004 by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. All rights reserved. Authors include: Luther R. Wilhelm Professor Biosystems engineering And Environmental Science Department The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Dwayne A. Suter, Professor Emeritus Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department Texas A&M University, College Station and Gerald H. Brusewitz, Regents Professor Emeritus Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

Learn more about humidity here.


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