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  Part IV, Wood Is Good - Special Feature

Hardwood Science (PDF view, please be patient, 30 seconds to load)
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"Wood expands and contracts based on the relative humidity the wood is exposed to (Figure 1). It is not unusual for interior wood moisture content to cycle between 6% and 12% moisture content seasonally. This creates interesting wood trim and wood flooring problems and sometimes makes opening and closing wood doors a challenge. Stranger still is that when wood shrinks and expands, it shrinks and expands differently along the grain than perpendicular to the grain. It shrinks and expands much more at a right angle to the grain, than along the grain." Excerpt from Wood is Good...But Strange By Joseph W. Lstiburek, Ph.D., P.Eng., Fellow ASHRAE

This page requires Adobe Reader (click here). Presented with Permission from ASHRAE (c) 2007, American Society of heating, refrigeration, air conditioning engineers. Place cursor over document and page up or page down. Right mouse click to access viewing options.

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