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Does radiant have a place in high efficiency homes?
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Presented April 2011 at the Atlantic Region of CIPH/CHC.  Place cursor over document, use page up or page down or roll features on your mouse. If you do not see the document it has not finished loading or you need the current version of Adobe Reader.

Use your computer monitor to zoom or the Adobe zoom to see the finer details.

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Suggested reading: Master Yoda - The E5 Jedi: A non technical look at energy, efficiency, efficacy, entropy and exergy.

Sustainability is a branch of philosophy, which in the world of energy, challenges each of us to ask, “how much of the non renewable sources of energy are we each entitled to use as a citizen of the globe?”

It also requires us to ask why society has been led to believe that reducing the use of non renewable is the solution when in fact sustainability must also look at destruction of temperature; in other words - it is equally as important that society match it's temperature needs with the appropriate temperature source. What do we mean by this? Well, you should ask yourself why do we create 2800 deg F (1500 deg C) flame temperatures in furnaces to heat a space to 70 deg F (22 deg C) when we can harvest temperatures from the earth and sun that could easily heat and cool buildings without using combustion or compression?

The above presentation is our way of looking at how thermal comfort, energy efficiency, sustainability all fall within the operating range of low temperature heating and high temperature cooling when married to radiant based HVAC systems.

Keywords: Energy, efficiency, efficacy, entropy, exergy, solar, geothermal, comfort, boilers, furnaces, radiant, DOAS

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