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Indoor Air Quality

Heat transfer by infrared radiant (electromagnetic energy)
Animation credit: Equinox Graphics/Science Photo Library
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Caption: This animation shows a metal bar being heated to red hot in a Bunsen burner flame. It is then held next to a cooler metal bar. Infrared radiation (arrows) from the hot bar carries energy to the cooler bar, causing it to warm up. Heat loss by radiation from the human body in a typical home and office environment accounts for as much as 60% of the energy transfer to the surrounding cooler surfaces. This is not trivial as 99% of all room thermostats which function off of air temperature fail to sense what humans sense via radiation. It is one of the contributing causes of thermal discomfort. This is why we coined the phrase, "Radiant Based HVAC" which draws attention to HVAC as being predominantly controlled by the performance of the building enclosure and not the air temperature.

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