Robert Bean
ASHRAE Fellow & Distinguished Lecturer
Retired Registered Engineering Technologist In Building Constriction Engineering (ASET) and Retired Professional Licensee in Mechanical Engineering (APEGA)


Robert Bean is director of, and founder of Indoor Climate Consultants Inc. He is a retired engineering technology professional who specialized in the design of indoor environments and high performance building systems. Bean is an ASHRAE Fellow and ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, recipient of the Lou Flagg Award, Distinguished Service Award and instructor for the ASHRAE Learning Institute. He has authored many papers, articles and course curriculums and serves on numerous technical committees related to indoor environmental quality, building and energy systems.

His motto is, "Design for people, good buildings follow."

Robert no longer offers engineering services but can be retained for project counselling of an informative nature.

Courtesy of BC Housing Building Research and Education Grant people interested in thermal comfort can download for free:

Thermal Comfort Principles and Practical Applications for Residential Buildings
by Robert Bean