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We have known for a very long time that the conversion from a chemical energy to a thermal energy creates entropy (disorder) and destroys it's exergy (potential), but the energy is always conserved.

Exergy is the quality of the energy and describes (in part) its potential capacity to do work.

Exergy efficiency examines the potential of a conversion relative to the work done from its highest reservoir state to its lowest.

The objective in any conversion process is to obtain maximum work with the least amount of entropy observed in the forms of heat, light, sound and vibration.

Combustion, especially with hydrocarbons creates industrial grade temperatures far hotter than what is needed for space heating and domestic water generation. The latter are non industrial grade requirements. Using natural gas exclusively for heating buildings is a waste of its exergy because it is capable of doing far more work.

There is a paradox in using gas in higher performance buildings that needs to be unveiled to the world of property development.

This presentation explores the principles of exergy as it relates to architecture, building sciences, mechanical systems and how human factors ultimately establish the required limits in temperatures needed for buildings.

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Download the book: Thermal Comfort Principles and Practical Applications for Residential Buildings

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